Winning nervously, losing tragically since 1979

Club history

This page contains a collection of essays, articles and tidbits about the Reds, our origins, our background – and some shameful (or shameless) team performances from our cricketing past.

Reds origins
Read more about how the Reds came into existence and our links to left-wing politics.

20 Reds classic matches
Some classic Reds matches, featuring close finishes, heartbreaking collapses and great individual performances.

10 Reds nervous wins
Ten of the best Reds’ victories – against the odds, against the wind or just against bastard opposition.

10 Reds tragic losses
Living up to the second half of our club motto, the Reds have also suffered some inglorious defeats.

Reds Hall of Fame – and Shame
A summary of some of the individual players and feats of endeavour we remember fondly – or with disgust.

The following resources are in PDF format:

Reds 10th Anniversary Booklet
A collection of articles to mark the end of the Reds’ first decade in 1989.

Reds 20th Anniversary Booklet
As above, only ten years further on, so bigger, better and even more controversial.

Death of John Loh
An obituary for a much-loved Reds founding member who passed away in November 2003.

The Art of Timing
Alec Kahn takes a look at balancing commitment to the Reds with marriage and parenthood.

Barnawartha where?
One Mercantile club’s unique approach to selection, cricket etiquette and associated dilemmas.

Cricket quotes
Dozens of quotes, both witty and witless, drawn both from the Reds and the international scene.

The Sports Factor
Alec Kahn and Tony Roberts interviewed by Radio National, during the Reds’ 20th anniversary.



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